Sunday, October 09, 2005

Harrods madness...

The adventures of the four of us at Harrods. With two mad and random Angmoh guys finding their way into this photo.

Went for a short trip to Harrods on Friday. After all you cant say you've been to London without visiting the "All British" Harrods shopping centre. Was quite surprised to find that Harrods wasnt as expensive as everyone makes it out to be. But Dont worry dad, if you're reading this, I didnt buy anything from Harrods. Ok, safe for Krispy Kremes!!!!!! OMG they are so yummy! And we went on a sugar high after eating them. I think we were behaving like sua ku tourists but it was so much fun!

A picture tour of harrods:

Just arrived at knightsbridge, old brown building, Harrods. It has great window displays. Apparently they are famous. But things sold at harrods are peculiar and strange even. Like stuck in time. Such that I kinda think they might be making a loss. I heard someone say they were. Not too sure. But it was an experience.

Harrods, knightsbridge.

The food section was one of the exciting ones. So much yummy chocolates, sweets, coffee(Rmbr dad bought his harrods coffee and coffee maker eons ago that hasnt been used since), wines, ice cream etc.

chocolates! Mountains and mountains!

Cakes in the shape of hats. So cute! All their cakes look very curvy and perfect. Nice!

Fruits and jiaying. hehe

At the chocs section.

checking out cakes and pastries. Contrary to common belief, they are not expensive! Maybe only the Fendi fur that, according to Florrine, feels different from Singapore Fendi, and all those branded stuff is expensive. The food is pretty affordable.

Coffee. Just reminds me of the harrods coffee and coffee maker in our display cupboard.. Think the coffee is all mouldy inside already.

With Huifang at the coffee section...

Oooh... What is that she sees? *Drools* The candy section is almost like something out of Charlie and the Chocolate factory. In fact the whole Harrods is so fantasy like. Everything is so elaborately decorated and all. It feels peculiar, for want of a better term.

*Gobbles* *Crunch* *lick*

*piang* (teeth falling out)


So cute right? Its a sheep! In Harrods! Guess what... Its made of Marshmallows and Chocolate! Sheesh. This was the last straw, we were ready to gobble it down but figured it was going to be damaging to the wallet. So.. We went for Krispy Kremes! Harrods ones are warm and ready made! Yummy. I am so drooling now.

Krispy Kreme. Donuts!

Loads of donuts. I like the original glazed best. Its so so so so yummy! Very sinful though. Why hasnt anyone thought of bringing in the franchise to Singapore yet! I just might.

Did you know that eating Krispy Kremes you must wear their paper hats? Its for hygene purposes... Me and NAtalie gorging ourselves wearing those funny hats.
Just kidding about the hats. I think it was the sugar high.

Hahahaha!!! Huifang looking all mousey gorging on her second donut for the day. lol. Craving satisfied.

Earlier on I mentioned that I think Harrods sells the most peculiar and strange stuff. Here are some of them:

Ooh, nice chair. Looks comfy. But does look alil odd doesnt it?

Well, guess what, its a bloody throne. For dogs. Paris hilton might get one of those for her dog.

EWWWW. Christmas deco. Though I cant imagine what you can do with this. Hang it on your tree? I think it was misplaced. Should have been at the Haloween section.

Wings. Pretty Wings but whatever for!

Toys section!!!

Trying out some weird enormous blown up frisbee thing. They have pretty good demonstators but pity there are so few shoppers. Impractical stuff I tell u. Plus the misconception that their stuff is pricey. Ok, they have branded stuff(even for children and dogs) but the rest is just pretty normal priced.

Pirates of the Carribean...

Cute angmoh baby playing with a toy pig that crawls and snorts. Extremely cute. I almost stepped on it though.

Mighty michelle.

WWE. Fist fight!

Fun stuff. Will def go there again. Maybe when ppl come and visit me in london. Come and visit me!!!


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